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End Point Threat Detection Using NetFlow Analytics

Posted by NetFlow Auditor Team on Feb 21, 2017 8:47:00 AM

Webinar Transcription:

Hi, good afternoon everyone. My name is John Olson, and I will be presenting the webinar to you this afternoon. I’m from NetFlow Auditor. Our webinar today is on some of the finer security aspects of our product, specifically Anomaly Detection and End Point Threat Detection. End Point Threat Detection being one of the newer pieces that we've added to the system. It should take about half an hour today, and then we'll let you get back to your day. A reminder that everyone is on ‘mute’ during the presentation. We have a number of attendees here today, and we want to keep down the background noise, so everybody will automatically be muted. However, we encourage questions so, if you do have any, then please use the control panel, there's a little question tab you can type in your question, and I will see them and respond to them probably towards the end of the webinar.

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How to Improve Cyber Security with Advanced Netflow Network Forensics

Posted by Rafi Sabel on Jul 7, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Most organizations today deploy network security tools that are built to perform limited prevention - traditionally “blocking and tackling” at the edge of a network using a firewall or by installing security software on every system.

This is only one third of a security solution, and has become the least effective measure.

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NetFlow Auditor @ CyberTech 2016

Posted by Rafi Sabel on Feb 4, 2016 6:40:25 AM
Last week we presented NetFlow Auditor at CyberTech 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Cybertech is the most significant conference and exhibition of cyber technologies outside of the United States.
Israel is building a name for itself as the global center of cybersecurity and we have a unique network intelligence solution that fits the Israeli cybersecurity vision. NetFlow Auditor’s unique approach to delivering granular Network Security Forensics, Intelligent Behavior Anomaly Detection and Diagnostics and End-Point Threat Detection was appreciated by the "who’s who" of the Israeli Cyber community that intimately understand the need for granular network intelligence and threat mitigation.
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