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[Webinar] Five 'Hidden Gem' NetFlow Reports to Discover Suspicious Behavior

Posted by NetFlow Auditor Team on Jul 21, 2017 10:32:00 AM
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Join John Olson, NetFlow Auditor, Wednesday, July 26th at 2pm Eastern for the latest NetFlow Auditor webinar broadcast - Five 'Hidden Gem' NetFlow Reports to Discover Suspicious Behavior.[Webinar] Five 'Hidden Gem' NetFlow Reports to Discover Suspicious Behavior.png

The true value in any NetFlow solution is its capacity to provide granular, accurate, data-driven network intelligence at the click of a mouse.

NetFlow Auditor provides hundreds of pre-built and customizable analytics to provide simple access to sophisticated reporting for easy or advanced user experience.

This webinar is not to show you all of them, but to walk through 5 specific reports as highlighted by our customers as some of the 'Hidden Gems' they use.

The 5 specific reports we will jump into in detail are:

  1. Outlier Report - What has changed most across a given time period?
  2. Long Active Report - What IPs are talking constantly over a time period?
  3. Multiview, business group, unallocated IPs - What new IPs are on the network and are not aware of yet
  4. Threat Detection view - What internal IPs are talking to known bad internet sites
  5. Multiview Baseline - Identify traffic changes versus the baseline to identify anomalous behavior


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